Saturday, May 29, 2010

How to clean your nails.

The nails are also the most recognize and dominant part of one’s personality that capture much attention too. That is why, if your fingernails or toenails are dirty, then people will label that negative impression on you.

In order to trim our nails and make them appear more clean and pleasing, it is best to cut the best nail cutter. My nail cutter which is shown above is very usable. It has the knife-like thing that gets the dirt in my nails. It has the rough part that helps my nails look straight and equal. It also has the sharp edge that trims my nails.

Actually, I don’t need to lengthen my nails just to appear it more pleasing. Having a clean, healthy nails are important. It adds to one’s personality and confidence as well.

But the most important thing before you use a nail cutter is to get a piece of cotton with alcohol and wipe it all over the nail cutter because we don’t know if there is any sticking blood or hard-to-get dirt that accumulates the entire nails especially on the head part. It is also in this way that we are sure that no transmission of any germs or diseases will infect our nails or hands.


  1. We often forget this hygiene activity. This is a good reminder.

    Allen Sawyer
    Medical Dictionary

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